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Archanes Crete
Archanes Attractions


Archaeological museum

Archaeological discoveries that came to light from excavations that took place in the wider region of Archanes are kept in a renovated building in the traditional settlement of Archanes. The archaeological collection was created in 1993 with initiative of archaelogists Yanni and Efi Sakellaraki.
(Hours of operation: 08:30 - 15:00 daily except Tuesday).
Folklore museum.

In another renovated neoclassic building the Folklore museum is accommodated. Exhibits from the daily life of Archanes are presented.
Museum of Cretan History and Tradition

In a big accommodated space, 3 kilometers from Archanes with direction to Heraklion, Archanian Michalis Nik Psaltakis presents objects that represent the Cretan History and Tradition from the 9th century up to now. In the rich folklore and historical material of the last two centuries, important place has the collection from martial objects of World War II, jeep, tank, and German cars as well as the personal objects of German general Kraipe.
The museum is constituted by five rooms in which traditional exhibits as looms, production of wine units, instruments of production of oil etc.
Hours of visits: Daily 09:30 - 17:00 p.m.
Tel. of communication: 2810 751853, 2810 731721
Laboratory of sculpture Manolis Tsompanakis

In the laboratory of theartist, that is found in the south-eastern district of Archanes (Eleytheraki 6) one can admire impressive as well as “strange” work of Manolis Tsompanakis who uses as raw material the timber and the concrete rabbet. His innovation in the use of concrete rabbet is that iron bars do not exist only in the interior of material, but run through and externally. Manolis Tsompanakis was given birth in Crete and from 1963 he lives and works in Rome. His work is the big cementitious sculpture that is found in front of the Museum Kazantzaki.

Oil processing HELEN

Into Archanes, a renovated oil-processing unit named “Helen” will initiate you into the traditional way of olive oil production.

It was built in 1870 on Minoan stonework following the particularities of local architecture and constitutes an integral part of a region full of archaeological discoveries.

In the ground floor you can try the equipment (instruments and utilitarian objects) of the 19th century. In the 1st floor, in a special projection room exists rich audiovisual material about olive oil ways of production from yesterday to now. You can try Cretan traditional products (wine, oil, etc.), Cretan delicacies in the old Venetian vaulted room and drink coffee or juice in the cool hospitable courtyard.

Address: Archanes
Postal Code 701 00 Heraklion Crete
Tel. 2810.751.331
Mobile. 6946.850.850

e-mail: fabricaheleni@mail.gr
Church of Virgin Mary of Archanes

Thechurch of Virgin Mary of Archanes has old icons and ecclesiastical utensils of great value. However, from 1965 icons from other Archanes churches are kept here.

The Virgin Mary of Archanes church is not only a place of worship but also a historical, ecclesiastical and national local museum. It has been completely renovated and has been provided simultaneously with a safety alarm.

Monasteries and churches

Archanians built the first Christian churches during the years of the first Byzantine period, when the island is annexed in the Byzantine Empire. By 824 AD Crete falls in the hands of Saracens. For 137 years Crete is occupied and most Archanian churches are destroyed.

During the period of the Venetian domination (1211-1669), Archanians suffered under the yoke of the Venetians. However, Venetians respected their orthodox doctrine and thus Greeks were allowed to build new churches or repair those that the Saracens destroyed.

List of Churches

- “Saint Nikolaos”:, cathedral. It was built in 1857.
- Assumption of Virgin Maryor simply “Virgin Mary”. It was built after 1669.
- “Saint Antonios”, small church in the courtyard of Virgin Mary.
- “Saint Nikolaos (small)”. It is in the “Koutsounari” area. It was built in 1891.
-“Saint Ioannis the Theologian”. It is in the “Magkalo” area, inside Archanes.
- “Ypapanti or Saint Trinity, in the homonym place. It was built in the 14th century.
- “Saint Nektarios”. It was built in the ruins of Saint Trinity.
- “Saint Georgios, It is in the district “Pane”, in Archanes’ center. It was built in the 14th century.
- “Holy Cross”. It is in the Town’s market. It was built before 1700.
Outside the Town (very small churches)

- “Lord Christ”, , it is in the top of mount Giouchta, it was built in 1443.
- “Michael Archangel, it is in the Asomatos area, it was built in 1315.
- “Holy Spirit”, it is in the Cemetery, it was built in 1927.