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Mythology of Archanes

Archanes also has an important place in the Greek Mythology. The giant Sarantapichos was throwing enormous rocks from the top of mount Giouchta and so created the around hills. Fairies lived in the caves of the torrent, where it passes inside them. In a cave of their area they buried Kaiafas that judged Jesus Christ. Through an alley of a cave in the middle of the village’s gorge the way that leads to paradise was found.

The proof that Giouchtas was the holy mountain of the ancients is that ruins of an ancient altar are found in «Psili Korfiρφή», where the radio and television station of OTE are today. The footprints of an old street that led north are still visible. Perhaps a festival was taking place those years and the pagan procession, beginning from Knossos, was reaching the top via that street. For this reason many have said that the grave existed where the ruins of the ancient altar are found today. But they have claimed that the grave does not belong to the Olympian god, but to somebody called Zina, king of Crete, before his sovereignty advances to the remaining Greece. No one, however, until now has discovered any grave neither can indicate with certainty his place.

When somebody looks from the city of Heraklion to mount Giouchta he/she will observe that the mountain takes the form of a biblical person that is almost asleep. Perhaps this strange form of the mountain is the primary cause of the fable’s creation that here is found Zeus’ grave.

Finally, it is worth mentioning how the name «Giouchtas», according to linguists, emanates from Latin «Jupiter», it means «Jupiter» and as time passed the name slightly changed. This name was given to the mountain during the Venetian domination (1211-1669 AD). In the antiquity it was named “Iyttos” (Knossia Dikti).
Archanes Crete